A cure in sight is joined by Paige Thompson, in an interview about her 4 year plus journey so far with Ocular Melanoma. After being told she was too y...View Details

A Cure in Sight is joined by Carrie Younger-Howard, a patient in Arizona living with ocular melanoma.   She expresses a piece of her journey below; tu...View Details

A Cure in Sight is joined by Dr. Scott Walter for a discussion on the importance of biopsies, and how they are being used in the field to diagnose ocu...View Details

A Cure in Sight is joined by Devyn Anderson, who speaks about her journey with ocular melanoma. She was diagnosed at age 23, in October of 2013. At su...View Details

I was diagnosed with Choroidal Melanoma in March of 2008.   My optometrist found a freckle in my eye at a routine exam. I wasn’t going to say anything...View Details

•Barbara's story•I was diagnosed with OM in April 2015.My optometrist found the tumor on a routine eye exam, and then referred me to the retinal speci...View Details

In 2014 I learned the words Ocular Melanoma.

It was August. I was in Florida visiting my parents, and I decided to get new glasses.

This time, ho...View Details

“Life only gives you what you can handle, well apparently life thinks I’m a badass”

Hi, my name is Nicolette Pagliei and I am 22 years old from Wes...View Details

Love Sun Body Episode 1

Do you really know your sunscreen?  Learn about an all-natural, good for the earth, sunscreen that really works from Love Sun Body.

Jaime Jessen with Impact Genetics talks about ocular melanoma genetic testing and tumor mutations.

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