A Cure in Sight is joined by Devyn Anderson, who speaks about her journey with ocular melanoma. She was diagnosed at age 23, in October of 2013.

At such a young age, she was shell shocked to receive this diagnosis, and felt very “in the dark” as to what her diagnosis meant.

Within a week and a half of diagnosis her eye was enucleated and she continued through her life, getting married within a few years of diagnosis.

Despite such a traumatic diagnosis at a young age, she has maintained an outwardly positive attitude. She shares her authentic journey and the realities of the intense feelings that accompany grieving life before this diagnosis. She shares what helps her, and encourages others with OM to do the things that help them the most, especially leaning in on a support system.

Over time, she unfortunately developed mets. She has battled metastatic disease since 3 years after her diagnosis and is currently in treatment.

This is her story, which A Cure in Sight feels so fortunate she was driven to share.

Don’t lose hope! Keep fighting!

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