A Cure in Sight is joined in The Eye Believe Podcast by Arielle Farkash, a patient diagnosed with ocular melanoma in Nov 2018.

Three things she would share with anyone beginning their journey, or in a hard place:

  1. Focus on what you know–don’t get caught up in the stories of what if.
  2. Ask ALL the questions–they’re all valid!
  3. It may be hard now, but it DOES get better with time. All things good and bad DO come to an end eventually; when it’s hard, hang on and when it’s good, lean in and be present.

Arielle recommends a course available to cancer patients to allow you to link up with other patients and develop resiliency skills. You can find more details about A Fresh Chapter at https://afreshchapter.com/ignite/

Her favorite book, Bright Side, by Kim Holden can be found here https://amzn.to/34yRNON


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The Eye Believe Podcast is brought to you by Castle Biosciences. This podcast was hosted by Danet Peterson and produced by Agora Media.

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