In today's episode, Danet talks about the invisible burdens of ocular melanoma. The graphics linked in the social media posts below may be helpful to you to share with others to communicate what you are grappling with on a day to day basis.

You may often feel alone in this diagnosis:


Loved ones and friends want to support you, but you don’t have the words to convey why you need support, or what is challenging.


If all you can do today is acknowledge that you have a lot of emotions, a lot of burdens to carry now; and just ask for validation from others that it’s hard, and allowed to be hard—that’s enough.


Be gentle with yourself. You carry a lot omie.


Please reach out if you feel you need support or a listening ear. Our companionship program can help pair you with another omie as a sounding board. (And social media can help us do that too!)


Instagram post:


Facebook post:

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This podcast was hosted by Danet Peterson and produced by Agora Media.


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