The Eye Believe Podcast is joined by Yvonne Kirondomara to share her story thus far with ocular melanoma. 


She speaks of her unique Brown-Eyed Story, because as many of us know, this cancer is rare, but it is most common in blue and green eyed patients.


"I was surprised on December 12, 2019 when I was told that I had a rare cancer in my eye called Choroidal Melanoma. What was that called again? I was taking notes as my doctor was telling me my diagnosis.  It was completely shocking to hear just a few weeks ago, I was getting my normal eye exam when my eye doctor was like “I see something in your eye so I would like to send you to a retina doctor to double check it ok”. I was like “ok sure, no worries”.


I realize looking back, my journey has just begun and I know that I need to get this information out to those that do not know.  As eye cancer is not for only the blue eyed, fair skinned it does show up in Latinas, African Americans and brown eyed people, because it happened to me." 


Make sure to tune in to our interview with Yvonne and hear her story firsthand! 


Be sure to share and let your omies and friends and family know to tune in live if they can to support her!



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