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A Cure in Sight is joined by Emily Bingham to discuss the topic of grief.

Emily is a grief coach, fitness professional, mother of two, and widow as of March 2019, when her husband Ian passed away from Uveal Melanoma. Ian and Emily met as college sweethearts and were stunned by Ian’s early cancer diagnosis just 1.5 years after graduating college. Instead of allowing the fear of Ian’s diagnosis to dictate their future, the two got married and started a family together. Six years later, they discovered mets and decided to pursue experimental treatment at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. After 15 months, Ian passed away in his hometown of Hawaii leaving Emily with two children and a life she never imagined possible. 


As Emily started to rebuild her life as a single-mom and head-of-household, she found herself overwhelmed by grief and paralyzed by the reality of her new normal. Leaning on her movement background as a former ballerina and current spin and barre instructor, she turned to fitness to cope with her grief. While verbalizing her feelings wasn’t always easy for Emily, she was able to manage her emotions by moving her body. So, in December 2019, she founded moveTHRU


moveTHRU helps adults who’ve experienced the loss of someone special in their lives cope with grief through exercise. It’s like group grief support, but instead of talking about grief, participants move through it! Emily strives to connect anyone who is grieving, provide them with a safe & supportive space to experience their emotions, and empower them to move forward from loss!


A few highlighted moments from her episode to consider:


“What I realize now, is that the life I thought I SHOULD have been living--that I felt so entitled to--was never mine to begin with.” Emily Bingham

Fear doesn’t stop death--it just stops you from living” David Kessler

For support in grieving the loss of someone you love and have lost to OM, consider reaching out to Emily for support within her MoveTHRU community.

Facebook group for moveTHRU: https://www.facebook.com/groups/576571653182202

Emily’s website for support: https://movethrugrief.com/


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This podcast was hosted by Danet Peterson and produced by Agora Media.

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